Keys to Unlocking Korea’s Development

In a brief video, Dr. Joon-Kyung Kim, President of the Korea Development Institute, explains how Korea’s new culture of doing things has led to broad-based and sustainable development. The Korea Development Institute is Korea’s leading think tank in economic and social sciences. Kim describes how the country has instituted successful reforms in several sectors:


  • Education – Vocational training to progress from an agrarian economy
  • Infrastructure – Expansion of power supply to rural communities
  • Financing – Tax administration reform to increase revenues
  • Financial inclusion – Village credit cooperatives to grow savings
  • Reforestation – Full commitment to the tree planning process
  • Anti-corruption – Tracking procurement to properly allocate resources


Korea achieved results in these areas through good governance, widespread education and comprehensive monitoring and evaluation. Watch this video to find out more about the why and how of Korea’s transformation and what lessons can be applied to other development experiences.

About the Presenters

Dr. Joon-Kyung Kim

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Dr. Joon-Kyung Kim, president of the Korea Development Institute, discusses South Korea's successful policy reforms.

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Successful Policy Reforms

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From the best practices the world follow and learned from , Great


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So much to learn, and try out, for developing countries.
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