Kampala: A City on the Rise

In 2010, Kampala City was in desperate need of repair. Many city roads were riddled with potholes, most of the street lights were not working, and local government corruption interfered with the resources necessary to improve the city’s infrastructure and delivery of services to its citizens. With the support of the Kampala Institution Infrastructure Development Project (KIIDP), the Kampala City Council was able to tackle those challenges and lay the foundation for a resilient, sustainable and organized city.

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- Mar 28, 2020

Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- Jan 23, 2020
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Andradiet I.J

- Dec 3, 2019
see the impact of infrastructure improvement to economy development and life quality of the society. So, awareness and intention to improve, are the keys of the improvement.


- Apr 21, 2019


- Apr 7, 2019
Kampala: A City on the Rise


- Mar 27, 2019
topik sangat Menarik


- Jul 26, 2018
Interesting info! Thanks!

Jesús Manuel

- Jul 10, 2018
Interesting information! Thanks!


- May 20, 2017
Must Watch
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