The Jobs Gateway in South Eastern Europe

The Jobs Gateway in South Eastern Europe is a community of practice for academics, practitioners, experts and policy makers working to create more jobs with high development returns and that promote shared prosperity in the region. On this platform, we share e...view more
The Jobs Gateway in South Eastern Europe

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- Apr 19, 2019


- Apr 4, 2019
Cooperative work needs all efforts from all over the world


- Mar 12, 2019
Sangat Menarik


- Dec 24, 2018
It is very important for the governments to work together with the jobs gateway organisations to register more services in a society, and bring them in a system to weight the economy and generate more sectors for revenue and welfare of the society.

Asif Shahzad Khan

- Dec 17, 2018
Interesting, I would appreciate if any one can guide me with regards to the qualifications, skills and experiences required in South Eastern Europe job market in a Development Sector context.


- Sep 11, 2018
I am interested to know whether this model can be implemented in INDIA.


- Jun 30, 2018
I would be interested in joyning and would like to learn more about this topic.


- Jun 22, 2018


- Apr 4, 2018
Interesting CoP!

Jesús Manuel

- Jan 31, 2018
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