Jobs and Economic Transformation

"Jobs do far more than help people in developing countries earn a living."

Jobs contribute to stability, broad economic growth, and the promise of a brighter future.

Join the discussion on #jobs4growth, as government representatives, CEOs and entrepreneurs from Africa and the Middle East share stories of how they generated jobs and contributed to economic transfor... view more


Part 1: Public debt levels are rising, fragility in some part of the African continent is costing a half a percentage point of growth a year, and the availability of good jobs have not kept pace with the new entrants in the labor force. It is estimated that Africa needs to create 1.7 million jobs EVERY month. Business as usual is not going to do it.  


Part 2: How do we change our mindsets while building the muscle to build differently and partner efficiently? What can governments in MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa do to encourage investments in to diverse sectors? 


Part 3: How do we define dignified work? And does that align with the skills that foundations and organizations are already investing in to equip young people to be ready when the opportunity arises? What are the implications of embedding farmers into value chains?


 Part 4: What appears to be the biggest hurdle that stops us from taking coffee, putting it in a jar and selling it in a value added form instead of the raw bags of coffee beans that we often export to other markets outside of Africa? What are the key challenges  on the ground while creating jobs in Africa?


Part 5: Where have we seen the impact of good listening that has brought about innovative financing instruments and tools that have the desired impact on the ground? Maybe if we listened more, we might be able to replicate and scale across sectors and multiple markets. 

About the Presenters

Philippe H. Le Houérou

CEO, International Finance Corporation

Nadeem Ahmed

Founder and Chairman, Global Tea and Commodities Ltd

Peter Njonjo

Co-Founder and CEO, Twiga Foods

Nozipho Mbanjwa


Hon. Adan Mohamed

Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of East African Community and Regional Development, Kenya

Sahar Nasr

Minister of Investment and International Cooperation, Egypt

Reeta Roy

President and CEO, Mastercard Foundation