Jim Yong Kim: Education is a Good Investment in China - Podcast

For World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim, a technical training program at the Hunan Normal University illustrates how investment in education pays off over time. In 1992 a World Bank loan helped purchase machines that are still used today to provide students with technical and vocational training that will lead to jobs after they graduate. Listen as Kim talks about his visit to China and the Bank's plans to help China improve not only education, but also healthcare services.

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Jim Yong Kim

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Mohammad Nadir

- Apr 25, 2020


- Mar 30, 2020

Andradiet I.J

- Nov 9, 2019
good to watch . the investment of many years ago, is still creating value, improvement of human capital.


- Apr 24, 2019
Great to have a vision on education


- Mar 31, 2019
Topik Sangat Menarik


- Jul 5, 2018


- Jan 17, 2018

Jesús Manuel

- Mar 13, 2017
liked and shared,great info.
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