Irrigated Agriculture: Introduction to Irrigation Technologies and Applications

Irrigation offers benefits including: yield security during dry seasons and times of drought, economic opportunity by increasing yields, choice of high value market driven crops, multiple cropping seasons annually, out of season production, and protected agriculture. Irrigation is additionally beneficial to nutrient management and can promote food/nutrition security and crop quality. That said, ir...view more

About the Presenters

Alon Ben-Gal

Dr. Ben-Gal is a visiting scientist at the Institute for Water and the Environment and College of Dryland Agriculture at the Mekelle University in Ethiopia. He works as a Senior Research Scientist at the Gilat Research Center in Southern Israel. His professional expertise is on plant response to environmental stress conditions, irrigation of crops, agricultural utilization of saline water and of recycled wastewater, optimization of water under irrigation in arid regions, flow and transport of water and solutes in vadose zone and agricultural systems.

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