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An introduction to the What, Why and How of Forest Governance Assessment

This webinar will begin with the reasons for why policymakers should concern themselves with forest governance. It will describe the FAO-PROFOR 3-pillar framework on forest governance. It will discuss how the framework can be used as an assessment tool--for measurement, diagnosis and monitoring forest sector governance challenges. It will then focus on how to plan your assessment, organized into 2 main issues: Setting Your Objectives, helps practitioners to assess why they are doing the assessment and what contextual factors could affect its design as part of an objective-setting process. This will also provide an introduction to stakeholder engagement within the assessment process. Developing a Work Plan, helps practitioners develop their assessment’s approach by considering what they want to include within their assessment, what methods they want to use, and who will be involved in conducting the assessment. It provides guidance in considering the practical elements of developing a work plan. It also provides guidance on effectively communicating with the different stakeholder groups. After the first webinar, the audience will: Be able to explain to people what forest governance is, and why it is worth measuring. Be able to sketch out a plan for doing an assessment, from framing objectives to budgeting Understand how, when, and why to involve stakeholders in planning

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