An Introduction - Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) for Innovation Policy

"International best practices in M&E, and insights into how M&E has been used in innovation policy over the last 20 years"

This Bite+ is an introductory session focused on the fundamentals of M&E of innovation policy, including why monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is important for innovation policy, and how different countries do it. This learning series i... view more


Introduction: What is innovation policy?


What is M&E and why is it important?: This video presents the core elements of the M&E Journey/Process by Yehia Eldozdar.


Fundamentals and Practices in the M&E of Innovation Policy: Yanchao Li presents the M&E system examples from the UK, USA, and China.


M&E of Innovation Policy in Korea: Learn about how Korea's performance-based M&E system aims to increase public resource efficiency from Kyeyoung Shin.


Lessons and Takeaways for Emerging Economies: Learn about Korea's governance framework, data and methods, and capacity and resources available. 


Q&A session


Course Outline: In this Bite+, Yehia Eldozdar describes briefly the plan for the training session. 

About the Presenters

Justin Hill

Senior Private Sector Specialist in SME development, Industry Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, Australian Ministry of Industry, Innovation & Science
Justin Hill is a Senior Private Sector Specialist in SME development, industry innovation, and entrepreneurship, formally with the Australian Ministry of Industry, Innovation & Science. He is the Task Team Leader (TTL) for the project, responsible for overall leadership & coordination.

Jaime Frias

Senior Economist, Innovation Policy and Competitiveness

Jaime Frias is a Senior Economist, specializing in public expenditure analysis on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI), innovation policy and competitiveness. He is the Task Team Leader (TTL) for the project, responsible for overall leadership and coordination.

Yanchao Li

Private Sector Specialist, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Policy

Yanchao Li is a Private Sector Specialist, specializing in the design and analysis of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship policy. She is responsible for the Case Study workstream, identifying, qualifying, and documenting the Korean innovation policy experience.

Yehia Eldozdar

M&E Specialist, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Yehia Eldozdar is an M&E Specialist, providing technical assistance and capacity building to projects supporting private sector growth through SME development, innovation and entrepreneurship. He provides expertise on M&E through the documentation of case studies and knowledge-sharing activities.

Joo Sueb Lee

Senior Economist, Innovation and Structural Reform Agenda

Joo Sueb Le is a Senior Economist, specializing in Policy Coordination, Innovation, and the Structural Reform agenda. He worked as a director at the Korea Ministry of Economy and Finance. He is responsible for policy advice and engagement with Korea/client country partners.

Adela Antic

Consultant, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

Adela Antic is a capacity-building specialist focused on knowledge and learning initiatives related to Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He provides support to the program through cross-cutting initiatives and knowledge exchange with external partners, practitioners, and multi-sector stakeholders.

Kyeyoung Shin

Consultant, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

Kyeyoung Shin is a Consultant, majoring in strategic management with research interests in innovation and entrepreneurship. He supports research design, data collection and analysis for the Case Studies workstream.

Daein Kang

Consultant, Climate Science Research

Daein Kang is a Consultant, majoring in international development with experience in organizing knowledge-sharing activities and project management in climate science research. He supports knowledge-sharing activities and coordination with Korean partners and institutions.

Grace Morella

Consultant, Philippines

Grace Morella supports knowledge-sharing activities and the identification and organization of relevant stakeholders in the Philippines.