An Introduction to the Mitigation Action Assessment Protocol (MAAP) Tool

The Mitigation Action Assessment Protocol (MAAP) is proposed as a key tool for achieving transparency in the way climate change mitigation actions are developed, and how they compare in terms of mitigation value. MAAP is divided into four modules: 1) Program Design/Implementation, 2) Management Entity, 3) Financial Structure and 4) Development Benefits. Each module is independent from each other, and includes a set of key indicators that represent what experts consider to be as key components of any robust climate action. The final module score depends on the assigned weights and scores for each key indicator.

MAAP was originally developed as an excel-based tool, and has already been applied to more than 200+ mitigation actions globally. The purpose of upgrading to an online interface is to provide an accessible and usable platform to assess, track and compare the relative risks and performance of a broad range of climate actions.

Additional Resources:

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- Nov 15, 2019
Very useful!

Dr. Illakkuvan

- Jun 27, 2019


- Jun 17, 2019


- Apr 15, 2019
sangat bermanfaat


- Mar 29, 2019


- Mar 26, 2019
Sangat menarik


- Mar 26, 2019
An Introduction to the Mitigation Action Assessment Protocol (MAAP) Tool


- Mar 24, 2019
Considering, Development Benefit in (MAAP) tools. This can be a great measurement tool to check climate resolution act locally and internationally.


- Mar 12, 2019
The MAAP tool is of significant measure practical in ensuring open source of data to which i subscribe.


- Mar 10, 2019
Menarilk & Sangat Penting
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