Introduction to Gender and Disaster Risk Management
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Introduction to Gender and Disaster Risk Management

An e-learning course to help you understand how your disaster risk management (DRM) projects can equally benefit women and men by addressing: - The concept of gender, and how gender roles can affect women and men’s risk and resilience to natural hazards; - How women and men manage, respond and experience disasters differently due to gender roles and gender inequalities; - How these differences should be addressed in DRM projects to ensure that women and men benefit equally from them. - Approaches to better design projects to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment, and - Case studies that shows how gender equality and women’s empowerment looks like in practice.

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Mahaman Mourtala

- Aug 5, 2021


- May 9, 2021


- Dec 7, 2020
Nice Course

Barimah Kwaku

- Dec 1, 2020
I am very keen on learning this course as a Gender activist. It is going to help us to know how both men and women are affected during disaster, and the need to manage the situation in such a way that there gender equality.


- Oct 7, 2020
Hello! I am interested. When does the course start?


- Aug 24, 2020
Hi Dear Friends! Can any one tell , when the course will begin?


- Dec 20, 2019


- Nov 23, 2019
hello! when does the course start?


- Nov 14, 2019
Gender biasing should not be there.

Waqar Aamir

- Oct 25, 2019
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