Introduction to Air Quality Management (Facilitated)
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Introduction to Air Quality Management (Facilitated)

Designing and implementing an effective air quality management (AQM) program relies on understanding the issues affecting the region, raising awareness, collecting data and building capacity. The goal of this course is to provide a basic introduction to concepts of air pollution and its management. Topics include the health impacts of air pollutants, identifying sources of pollution and describing different formation mechanisms and impacts. The course also provides information on the principles of successful AQM programs, and effective program implementation for positive results. As an introductory course, this is intended to provide a survey of various concepts and elements of the AQM planning process. At the conclusion of this course, participants should be able to: o Identify the conditions and/or emission sources that lead to air pollution, its impacts and the multiple benefits of emission reductions. o Understand the reasons for and key elements of AQM programs. o Name common control strategies for various sectors that contribute to air pollution. o Explain the importance of stakeholder engagement, the role of cost-effectiveness or cost-benefit analysis and name different regulatory approaches for implementing emission control strategies (e.g. performance standards, cap-and-trade, incentive and voluntary programs).

Target Audience

This course provides useful information for government environmental officials, World Bank staff across the world and all stakeholders interested in establishing or improving air quality management practices in low and middle income country contexts.

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- Nov 27, 2022
Abdul Paul Kamara i am iN air quality management

Kingsley Severine

- Nov 15, 2022
Please notify me when it is available!

Ansumana Senesie

- Oct 3, 2022
I am interested in this course as an Environmental Student. Please let me know when the course is about to commence. Thanks

Mwankhongono-zao Roy

- Jun 14, 2022
Please notify me when this course is available. I work in Environmental Public health and this course would be really valuable.


- Apr 21, 2022
Please notify me when it's available


- Mar 31, 2022
please notify me when it will be available


- Jan 3, 2022

Mohamed Sahid

- Nov 12, 2021
am interested


- Oct 20, 2021
Am interested in the course


- Sep 10, 2021
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