Internet of Things (Facilitated)

Internet of Things (Facilitated)

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GSMA, the World Bank Open Learning Campus and Digital Development Global Practice have launched an exciting new partnership to deliver online capacity building to policymakers and regulators. This partnership brings together GSMA’s expert, evidence-based training and Open Learning Campus’s global footprint, allowing us to reach even more policymakers and regulators. We are kicking off the partnership with ,pour popular Internet of Things course.

Course Overview:

IoT involves connecting devices to the internet across multiple networks to allow them to communicate with humans, applications and each other. IoT is set to have a huge impact on our daily lives, helping us to reduce traffic congestion, improve care for the elderly and create smarter homes and offices. This course provides a high-level overview of IoT concepts from a mobile perspective, outlines the role IoT can play in enhancing the quality of life of citizens and explores the implications that IoT has for policymakers and regulators.

Course Objectives:

• Understand the benefits IoT can bring to citizens, consumers and businesses.

• Learn about the key difference between IoT and traditional telecoms services

• Discover regulatory implications of IoT


Target Audience

This course is designed for policymakers and regulators with a responsibility or interest in telecommunications policy. World Bank staff across the world who are involved in this area of policy are also welcome to apply.

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- Apr 9, 2019
nice topic

Vedat Bobby

- Mar 25, 2019
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- Mar 25, 2019

Vedat Bobby

- Mar 17, 2019
Internet of Things (Facilitated)


- Mar 16, 2019
Sangat menarik


- Mar 13, 2019
Topik Menarik


- Mar 8, 2019
Happy to be part of this class


- Jan 2, 2019
I see IoT as the latest development that entails technology, mobile and communication as one part. While, people, change and environment are the other parts to collaborate, interact and engage in the unit, micro and macro community and society.


- Nov 2, 2018

Mahabubul Hasan

- Oct 23, 2018
Future world technology coming based on IoT. And i think one identity must be need for IoT service. So we should have planing how to synchronize IoT in regular life.
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