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The International Infrastructure Support System – A Project Preparation, Collaboration and Information Sharing Tool

The Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation, in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank, has developed the International Infrastructure Support System (IISS), an online project preparation platform. This system provides countries with templates to prepare projects and has features that enable project teams to collaborate online through the process of project preparation, including sharing documents. The platform also includes enabling features for sharing information with investors and the public. The platform has gained the support of multilateral development banks, development finance institutions, international organizations, companies, and long-term investors. This webinar looks in detail at the IISS and how stakeholders -- including clients engaged in PPPs -- can use this unique platform. The platform has mobilized the support of the multilateral development banks, development financing institutions, international organizations, companies and long-term investors. This webinar takes a detailed look at the IISS and how the various stakeholders doing projects, including, PPPs can make use of this unique platform.

About the Presenters

Christophe Dossarps

Shyamala Shukla

Target Audience

PPP professionals

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