Intercultural Conference (May 24 - 27)

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Intercultural Conference (May 24 - 27)

This conference is to celebrate World Day (May 21) for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development and to start an Intercultural Dialogue among the International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and international development organizations to explore and share leading thoughts, strategies, and best practices in addressing emerging complex intercultural challenges, developing staff and organizational readiness, and enhancing inclusive development.

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jose luis

- May 29, 2022


- May 24, 2022
When we look at the self in us and the self in the other person,you realize that we are all humans and only few things distinguish us like colour,race,tribe,religion,dialect,carefully crafted geographical boundaries etc.Embracing oneness despite differences uphold the value of humanity.


- May 23, 2022
Great people, diverse culture, rainbow of humanity


- May 12, 2022
What I still find very difficult is to exercise otherness when we encounter those who are different; obviously those different from us (those who are outsiders). Rarely do we forget that the stranger is from one part to another; but when we forget that the different other is a person like us, we tend to reduce the strangeness because we are, almost always, reducing the other to anything that is not human; so, how to process this?
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