Integrated SOE Framework (iSOEF): Corporate Governance of State-owned Enterprises
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Integrated SOE Framework (iSOEF): Corporate Governance of State-owned Enterprises

SOEs play an important role in economic growth and social development but face significant financial performance, service delivery and market discipline challenges. Therefore, improving SOE performance and efficiency is a high priority for most governments. Furthermore, demand from client countries for World Bank Group support on SOE reform has been growing in recent years, particularly given the continuous and increasing role of SOEs during COVID-19. The pandemic has further highlighted the central role of SOEs in the delivery of essential goods and services. SOE reforms, however, are particularly challenging as it often has social and political economy implications and require customized solutions. One of the critical aspects of improving SOE performance is strengthening corporate governance. It includes establishing effective state ownership functions, establishing effective performance monitoring and transparency systems, professionalizing boards, among others.It is important that Bank staff, policymakers and practitioners in partner countries are kept abreast of the many developments in these specific fields and in the area of SOE reform. The course will help participants understand and improve their knowledge of the iSOEF module 4 and practical aspects of how a diagnostic of governance should be undertaken.

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- Jul 8, 2022

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