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Integrated Approaches to Addressing Urban Fragility and Violence in the Northern Triangle

"This session brings practitioners, researchers and local government together to discuss the challenges of urban fragility and violence in the Northern Triangle of Central America—in general and during the COVID-19 response." 

The session discusses the ongoing efforts and solutions identified to address the challenges of urban fragility and violence, strengthen community resilience, and build social cohesion in some of the world's most violent cities.

This session is part of the Fragility Forum 2020 Virtual Series.

About the Presenters

Marco Villela

Director of Strategic Initiatives, Central America, World Vision

Marco Villela (@villelaMarco) World Vision’s Director of Strategic Initiatives in Central America, has over 25 years of development and humanitarian experience. He is a design, monitoring and learning specialist for social, community and food security development programs. He has extensive knowledge and experience in designing, implementing and advising on strategic initiatives in different fields and contexts, including multi-dimensional approaches for strengthening individual and collective resilience in fragile contexts. Dr. Villela has a Doctorate in Medicine from the University of Honduras and a Master’s Degree in Public Health from the University of Chile.

Alexandre Formisano

Deputy Head of Regional Delegation, Regional Delegation of the International Red Cross (ICRC) for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay

Alexandre Formisano joined the ICRC in 2011. He is currently ICRC’s Deputy Head of Delegation in the Regional Delegation covering Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay, and has also served as Head of Mission in Honduras, Deputy Head of Delegation for North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo, Field Coordinator in Mexico, and Protection Delegate in India and Afghanistan. Mr. Formisano was previously ICRC Head of Mission in Honduras, International Committee of the Red Cross. and worked as a Reestablishment of Family Links Officer with the British Red Cross in 2010. From  2005-2010, Mr. Formisano was a financial analyst for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Credit Suisse Bank, and the company Energie de France (EDF Trading) in London. He has an undergraduate degree in Physical Sciences (University of Los Andes, Colombia, 2001) and Master's Degrees in Neuroscience (National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble, 2003) and Economics and Energy Policies (University of Paris X Nanterre, 2005). 

Martha Reyes Lira

Director, San Pedro Sula Municipality Directorate for Women, Children and Family, Rector of Municipal Childhood Protection Committee

Martha Reyes Lira has served as the Director of the Municipality of San Pedro Sula’s Directorate of Women, Children and Family since 2015. In this role, she coordinates the Municipality’s Comprehensive Child Protection Bureau and oversees the Migrant Child Care Center. She has over 20 years of experience, largely focused on women’s, children’s and other vulnerable groups’ rights, working with state institutions, NGOs, and international organizations, and completing consultancies for the National Women's Institute, the Swedish International Development Agency, the ILO, UN Women, and the World Bank. Ms. Lira holds a JD from the National Autonomous University of Honduras

Scott Lloyd

Urban Researcher, Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC)

Scott Lloyd leads IDMC’s urban internal displacement program with emphasis on informing urban policy through research on planning frameworks, emerging practice and the lived experience of displacement in urban contexts. Mr. Lloyd is an architect, urban strategist and researcher. He holds an MSc ETH Arch. Prior to joining IDMC, he spent seven years at the Chair of Architecture and Urban Design at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology where he coordinated urban design studios, and elective courses on research and critical writing. His applied research, design and development work on urban transformation was awarded the 2017 Dubai International UN Habitat Award for Best Practice in the Built Environment. He is a board member of the design research collective TEN. He speaks English and German.

Aline Rahbany

Technical Director, Urban Programmig, World Vision International

Aline Rahbany (@Aline_Rahbany) is World Vision’s Technical Director for Urban Programming, overseeing the organization’s global portfolio. Prior to taking this role, she served in other roles with World Vision in offices in the Middle East and Eastern Europe region. Ms. Rahbany brings over 10 years of experience in the international humanitarian and development field focused mostly on research and learning, strategy development, program innovation and technical support for NGOs working in urban contexts, including in fragile cities. Ms. Rahbany holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health from the American University of Beirut. 

Target Audience

Practitioners and general public

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Integrated Approaches to Addressing Urban Fragility and Violence in the Northern Triangle
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