Innovative Business Models for Expanding Fiber-Optic Networks and Closing the Access Gaps (Self-Paced)

Innovative Business Models for Expanding Fiber-Optic Networks and Closing the Access Gaps (Self-Paced)

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This course reviews and provides guidance on innovative business models and approaches to the deployment of high-speed broadband networks and highlights global trends related to terrestrial spectrum resources that can be leveraged to meet expected future demand and close existing Internet access gaps. It is intended to help policy makers and regulators assess alternatives for infrastructure deployment and adopt decisions tailored to their country’s circumstances and needs.

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- Jul 4, 2020
Well done to the OLC in anticipation for this innovative course that will revolutionize the business model in fast expanding telecom industry, especially in the advent of the 5G network technology. I am very much interested in enrolling for program when it commences.


- Jun 25, 2020
Important contents.


- Jun 8, 2020
hi.. this topic really relevant in this COVID -19 pandemic outbreak. because, the high speed internet connectivity and its penetration to the rural area would benefit to number of stakeholders including schools, colleges, libraries, students even digital study at home. In Kerala state, India, planned a project named K-FON, Kerala Fibre Optic Network with an outlay of Rs.1,500 cr project will commissioned on December 2020. this would give facilitation to all depts , agencies, home connection etc. the advantage is Open Learning platform, Digital library content access of valuble journals / books etc. besides all, Online Service to citizen is possible without any hinderance of network . I am interested to join in this course. best regards.


- Jun 6, 2020
This is absolutely good and the relevance of ICT can not be over-emphasized but regulations for RoW,double taxation and infrastructure security challenges needs to be properly aligned to regulations.


- Jun 5, 2020
Knowledge of IoT can enhance efficiently with Innovation Internet Business Models.


- Jun 2, 2020
That's great
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