Innovative Business Models for Expanding Fiber-Optic Networks and Closing the Access Gaps (Facilitated)
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Innovative Business Models for Expanding Fiber-Optic Networks and Closing the Access Gaps (Facilitated)

This course reviews and provides guidance on innovative business models and approaches to the deployment of high-speed broadband networks and highlights global trends related to terrestrial spectrum resources that can be leveraged to meet expected future demand and close existing Internet access gaps. It is intended to help policy makers and regulators assess alternatives for infrastructure deployment and adopt decisions tailored to their country’s circumstances and needs.

Target Audience

Government policymakers and ICT sector regulators, industry players, and World Bank Group staff who wish to gain additional tools for making policy and investment decisions that will support the achievement of their Broadband Access for All objectives.

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- Sep 6, 2021
Es muy oportuno e importante el desarrollo del curso en el entorno actual de pandemia, atender con suma urgencia la conectividad de internet en muchos pueblos que todavía no las tienen, la accesibilidad de la mayoría de la población y ampliar las redes de fibra óptica, objetivos que el curso nos brindara herramientas para la toma de decisiones de los organismos e instituciones , por tal motivo muy complacido participar en el evento


- Sep 4, 2021
In Somalia we are developing country using for fibber optic so I am very gratefully to you for learning this course.and I hope to work it to my country.

Muralikrishna Venkata

- Sep 1, 2021
Innovation can create value, while its implementation and impact creation are needed for capturing the value. . Open innovation and sustainability as stated by Henry Chesborough are very significant in such approaches so as to articulate the value proposition and identifying the market segment. I find with my limited exposure that understanding the ecosystem and defining the structure of value chain required by the firm to create and distribute the product and process is first. Focus on value proposition of the task is very important. What is limit of value propositions. Some of these are the tasks I look forward in the program as a Researcher in empowering rural youth with innovative thinking with the state of art technologies and participation in smart village projects… …

Muralikrishna Venkata

- Sep 1, 2021
Yes -It is a right program


- Aug 25, 2021
Great opportunity for me to benefit from this again.

naneece el moatassem

- Aug 25, 2021
The positive results of the course have all been described and identified. Indeed there are many advantages for this course, especially for the non IT person. One immense advantage is to understand the relationship between business and IT.


- Aug 25, 2021
I also think the course is well - timed and I look forward to learning!


- Aug 2, 2021
This is a timely course. Looking forward to it


- Jul 26, 2021
In this knowledge-based world economy, information has to be received by the click of a button. Education depends on the faster internet. Publications have become online. Court judgments are posted to the websites. The global business depends on the fastest data communication. Due to COVID19, educational programs are offered through the Internet. Hence, we need innovative business models.


- Jan 24, 2021
Because of scheduling conflicts and busyness could not take the course on time. Do you have a date certain for the course again? Thank you. G Santos
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