Innovation Policy in the Post-COVID World Webinar Series

7 Part Series

Innovation Policy in the Post-COVID World Webinar Series

"Exploring how the pandemic is redefining the role of innovation policy in catching up economies."

The COVID-19 pandemic is shaking and redefining the role of innovation policy. First, the pandemic is putting a renewed focus on science and research to fight the pandemic and the need for the development and successful application of innovative solutions to address new and old societal challenges – epidemics, climate change, aging societies, and other global health issues. Second, the crisis is accelerating the digital transformation to levels not seen before. At the same time, there is emerging evidence of an increasing digital divide, which puts pressure on policies to effectively promote technology diffusion in laggard firms, sectors, and regions. Third, greater awareness of challenges posed by climate change underscores the need for a more sustainable recovery, driven by greener production. Fourth, the disruption of supply chains has bolstered views that support more “nationalistic” views of production, and the need to develop the capabilities needed for the domestic production of essential health-related products and other ‘sensitive’ sectors.  To gain a greater understanding of how these challenges are redefining the role of innovation policy, not only in developed economies but also in middle and low-income economies, the FCI EAP Seoul Center for Finance and Innovation and the Firms, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation Unit are organizing a webinar series focused on innovation policy in the post-COVID world. The objective of this series is to share knowledge that can help policymakers, practitioners, WB teams, and experts in developing economies navigate, design, and adapt innovation policies post-pandemic. The series features experts and researchers to discuss topics such as digital adoption among SMEs, entrepreneurship policy, green tech adoption, mission-oriented innovation policy, public procurement for innovation, among other related topics. 

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Great discussion!

Mohammad Nadir

- Dec 14, 2021

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