Innovation for Horticultural Challenges in Vietnam: Internet of Things for Precision Agriculture

MimosaTEK will present how their innovation is helping to tackle the horticultural challenges in Vietnam. They will share their experiences of deploying IoT technologies in the agricultural market. In addition, their viewpoints about the opportunities and challenges of IoT for agriculture will provide insights for the future development in the region.

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About the Presenters

Nguyen Khac Minh Tri (CEO of MimosaTEK)

With more than 10 years of experience in IT industry and certificate Cisco CCIE#26627 (Brussels), Tri Nguyen, former CTO of DTS and former CEO of Saigon CTT, founded MimosaTEK in October 2014 together with his co-founders. Tri himself experienced farming works when starting a strawberry farm in Dalat, Vietnam. He understands the difficulties of farmers in agricultural operations. He realized that farmers often base their farming decisions on their personal experiences, rather than on scientific data. Therefore, by founding MimosaTEK, he aspires to accompany with farmers by world-class technology, local customer service to help them achieve successful harvest, and enhance their income.

Le Lan Anh (COO of MimosaTEK)

Graduated from National University of Singapore (First Class Honors) and working in financial services sector in Singapore for 4 years, Lan Anh chose the unusual path to return to Vietnam to work in the agriculture sector. As a young Vietnamese, she is passionate to transform the agriculture and farmers’ lives in her home country. In the role of MimosaTEK COO, she has been working closely with the Vietnamese farmers, local governments and other relevant organizations in this field. She understands the farmers’ needs and continuously enhances MimosaTEK solutions to serve the farmers better. Her ambition is to deploy MimosaTEK solutions to help farmers in Vietnam and other countries in the world.

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Vedat Bobby

- Mar 17, 2019
Internet of Things (Facilitated)


- Sep 14, 2018
Vietnam-based start-up that provides data, decision-support, and remote control capabilities through sensors and cloud platform using IoT technologies.


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Informative and Interesting...

Jesús Manuel

- May 1, 2018
great, liked and shared!

Dr. Illakkuvan

- Feb 26, 2018
Innovation for Horticultural Challenges in Vietnam: Internet of Things for Precision Agriculture= Highly Useful and Well Action Planned Program!


- Jan 26, 2018
Very innovative.
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