The Infrastructure Revolution: Integration, Investment and Innovation

"Compelling examples of how regional integration, investment and innovation in infrastructure have worked to deliver better outcomes"

Global leaders, activists, and investors discuss the power of infrastructure and the critical role it plays in connecting people to opportunity.

Through a series of TED-style talks, speakers share compelling examples of how regional... view more


Part 1: Regional transportation networks and new technologies are opening up markets, possibilities and opportunities yet 1 billion people live more than 2 kilometers from an all seasoned road. New technologies are opening up new worlds, but we still have a lot of challenges....


Part 2: Is there a possibility to revive river navigation in India which was lost 70 years ago? Watch the TED talk by Pravir Pandey, Vice Chairman, Inland Waterways Authority of India and project director of Jal Marg Vikas Project, who has taken it upon himself to rewrite the history of navigation on the river Ganga.


Part 3: Why should you care about renewable energy in emerging markets? Listen to the TED talk by Lucy Heintz, a Partner at Actis responsible for Actis' energy teams activities in Africa. She urges you to remember 3 numbers, 3 images and 1 action. Watch the Bite video to learn what they are...


Part 4: More than 100 million people in Nigeria live in extreme multi-dimensional poverty, less than $1.90 a day. Listen to the TED talk by Odunayo Eweniyi, Co-founder and COO of PiggyVest, as she talks about using Fintech to enable young populations to save so they meet their short and long-term financial responsibilities...


Part 5: When looking at Africa's infrastructure development, where is the most potential and what are the greatest barriers and challenges? What is the importance of policy and regulation and what support would a government official need from other stakeholders?  


Part 6: We know the transformative power of infrastructure. How can we work better together as partners to address the constraints? How are governments bridging energy and poverty through data and information to ensure decisions are evidence-based? 


Part 7: Sustainable infrastructure can suffer from a lack of capacity from host governments in creating a demand for sustainable alternatives. How can the Bank work through its technical assistance and other tools to address this challenge? How do we know we can achieve the SDG goal of building climate resilient infrastructure?   

About the Presenters

Lucy Heintz

Partner, Actis

Pravir Pandey

Vice Chairman, Inland Waterways Authority of India

Odunayo Eweniyi

Co-founder and COO, PiggyVest, Nigeria

Alain Ebobissé

CEO, Africa50, Morocco

Makhtar Diop

Vice President, Infrastructure, World Bank


Benigno López

Minister of Finance, Paraguay

Aurelie Adam Soule Zoumarou

Minister of Digital Economy and Communications for Benin

Ambroise Fayolle

Vice-President, European Investment Bank

Julie Gichuru