Industrial Policy: Harnessing Industrial Policy for Growth

Industrial policy has been pursued at particular times and places for decades. Behind the myriad pursuits lie fundamental beliefs about the way in which industrial policy may be harnessed for economic growth and development. Approaches, techniques and tools of industrial policy reflect an ongoing friction between greater intervention and a more laissez-faire approach. We take here a bite-sized ... view more


Industrial Policy: Raj Nallari

Over time, industrial policy has fallen in and out of favor. Raj Nallari describes changes in its approaches and applications.


Industrial Policy: Shahid Yusuf Part 01

Industrial policy is back. Why? How has it changed? When does it work?


Industrial Policy: Shahid Yusuf Part 02

The characteristics of the global system have changed since the 1970s, with implications for current industrial policy.


Industrial Policy: Celestin Monga Part 01

All governments apply industrial policy - even when not explicitly doing so.


Industrial Policy: Celestin Monga Part 02

Is there a real distinction between horizontal and vertical industrial policies?


Industrial Policy: Celestin Monga Part 03

Knowledge and technology are determinants of growth that can be targeted by industrial policy.

About the Presenters

Raj Nallari

Raj Nallari is a Lead Economist with the World Bank's Macroeconomics & Fiscal Management Global Practice. During these 15 years of service in the international financial institutions, he has worked in country operations (in Africa, Caribbean and South Asia regions) of the World Bank and the Policy Development and Review of the IMF. He holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Texas at Austin and has co-authored a book published by Oxford University Press, several monographs and articles on development policy issues.

Shahid Yusuf

Shahid Yusuf is chief economist at the Growth Dialogue in George Washington University's School of Business. He holds degrees from Cambridge and Harvard universities and has published extensively on development issues with a focus on East Asia.

Célestin Monga

Célestin Monga is Managing Director at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in Vienna, Austria. He previously served as Senior Advisor in the World Bank Research Department and Director of the Oxford Handbook of Africa and Economics. He holds graduate degrees from MIT, Harvard, and the Universities of Paris-Sorbonne and Pau.