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India StartUp Project: Development of A global WBG/IFC Product proposition

While there are multiple challenges for financing early-stage MSME Financing in Emerging markets, there is an opportunity for Financial Institutions to have specialized products & processes and be a front runner in the ‘Early’ enterprise / Start-Up segment in their respective markets. This webinar will present the lessons and learnings of the SME Launchpad Pilot 2017 initiative (India StartUp Project), where the Project team (joint F&M, FIG, CCAS and T&C) worked with the aim towards the development of the start-up finance eco-system, through the development of a Global Product Proposition/Tool-kit (initially focused on India, under this Program) for the use of relevant WBG/IFC teams. In addition, presenters will discuss how the IFC and World Bank are working to replicate the efforts in with SMEs in South Africa.

About the Presenters

Simon Bell

Since January 2015, Simon Bell has taken over the role of World Bank’s Global Lead for SME Finance in the Finance and Markets Global Practice where he is coordinating the financing support provided through F&M with colleagues dealing with SME issues in the Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice, the Financial Institutions Group of the IFC, the Advisory Services units of the IFC and the World Bank, and the SME Finance Forum. Simon also leads the SME Finance Community of Practice which includes over 50 staff from F&M – as well as other associated staff from the IFC and other Global Practices, the IFC and World Bank Treasuries, and MIGA.

Ashutosh Tandon

Ashutosh Tandon is currently working as a Financial Sector Specialist in the Finance & Markets Global Practice, based out of Mumbai, India. Ashutosh has worked on a range of A2F / F&M projects in South Asia, especially in the area of SME finance, Financial Infrastructure and Agrifinance. He brings close to 10 years of overall work-experience; he has been with the WBG for 6 years, prior to which he worked with HSBC India.

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India StartUp Project: Development of A global WBG/IFC Product proposition

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Project: Development of A global WBG/IFC Product proposition

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