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Uganda is one of the least urbanised countries in Africa with barely 17 per cent of its population living in cities. Over 60 per cent of its urban residents are concentrated in inadequately serviced settlements. Uganda’s urban growth rate suggests that by 2025 its urban population will triple, which can potentially contribute to more service delivery and housing shortages. In order to proactively manage the country’s rapid urbanisation and improve living conditions for the urban poor, the Government of Uganda, together with its development partners, launched the Transforming the Settlements of the Urban Poor in Uganda (TSUPU) programme in 2010. The Cities Alliance is supporting TSUPU through its Country Programme framework, an ambitious approach that seeks to align multi-stakeholder development efforts. TSUPU emphasises dialogue-building between the national government, local governments and communities. Investment is mobilised with the goal of inclusive planning and improved service provision in secondary cities.

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