Improving Job Opportunities and Workers Protection: The Role of Labor Policies

“Improving Job Opportunities and Workers Protection: the Role of Labor Policies” is a two-week course offering a unique learning experience on the design and implementation of labor policies. During the first part of the course participants will learn about the labor market dynamics worldwide, and the links between jobs, social welfare, productivity growth, and social cohesion. During the second part, the focus will be on the design and implementation of labor policies that can help people connect to jobs, start a new business, or manage periods of inactivity or unemployment. The course builds on the latest research by the World Bank and other academic and research institutions, as well as on practical lessons learned from country experiences. The content of the course will focus specially on developing and transition countries. Through the course, participants will be able to improve understanding of the main labor market challenges facing developing countries, learn the role of labor policies in mitigating such challenges, and find opportunities to network with other policy makers and learn together. The course adopts a mix of learning methods, including presentations, case studies of country reforms, team-based exercises, role-play, and hands-on experience with the latest modeling tools. The course is taught by experts from the World Bank, top academic and research institutions, and other leading agencies. This course comprises four inter-related and complementary modules: 1. Understanding labor markets; 2. Supporting self-employment and entrepreneurship; 3. Improving access to wage employment; 4. Balancing flexibility and security: labor market institutions

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Social Protection and Labor for Poverty Reduction and Shared Prosperity

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Jobs as Pathways to Ending Poverty and Boosting Shared Prosperity


Arup Banerji , Sector Director Social Protection and Labor