Improving Effective Communication (Self-Paced)
Self-Paced eLearning

Improving Effective Communication (Self-Paced)

This course guides participants to improve communication during three key activities: verbal and/or telephone orders, critical diagnostic results, and patient handover.

Course Overview

This training course provides policy requirements for three key activities: verbal and/or telephone orders, critical diagnostic results, and patient handover processes. It also provides helpful forms, data collection tools, and tips for improving communication. It includes the following topics:

  • Why improve your communication processes?
  • Form a Communication Team
  • Use a Standard Communication Tool
  • Establish a Verbal/Telephone Communication Policy
  • Establish Critical Results Reporting Policies
  • Establish Patient Handover Policies
  • Engage and Train Your Staff
  • Common Gaps and Measuring Compliance
  • Knowledge check
  • Course review and next steps


After taking this learning path, participants are expected to be able to:
  • Identify how effective communication among healthcare providers reduces errors and results in improved patient safety.
  • Implement effective communication tools and methods used for verbal/telephone orders, critical tests reporting, and patient handover.
  • Use standardized content for communication between patient, family, and healthcare providers.

Target Audience

Any hospital personnel involved in patient safety.


IFC MAS Advisory, Hospital Quality Program

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- Jul 25, 2022
I am interested in the course


- Jul 20, 2022
I will like to join


- Jul 20, 2022
I am super excited already!


- Jun 21, 2022
Interested in joining this course


- Jun 14, 2022
Communication is vital incrdient to any establishment be it in health care delivery service or any other setting. I would love to state here that in today's world especially in my locality we lack communication alot of which sometimes result in wrong diagnosis. I urge every agency to participate in this course in order to enhance their communication skills for a better service delivery.

jose luis

- May 29, 2022


- Mar 26, 2022
I would like to join this course.


- Feb 27, 2022
Great inputs..!

Mohammad Nadir

- Feb 15, 2022
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