Improve the Safety of High-Alert Medications (HAMs) (Self-Paced)
Self-Paced eLearning

Improve the Safety of High-Alert Medications (HAMs) (Self-Paced)

This course guides participants through the issues that surround high-alert medications (HAMs) safety, including concentrated solutions, and look-alike/sound-alike medications. You will also identify tools and tips to avoid making mistakes with HAMs.

Course Overview

This training course is based on internationally recognized medication safety practices. It is based on the WHO-initiated Global Patient Safety Challenge which describes the philosophy of patient safety including that errors are inevitable, and that they are provoked in large part by weak health systems. It includes the following topics:

  • Why improve the safety of High-Alert Medications (HAMs)
  • Establish Your HAM Team
  • How to Improve the Management of HAMs
  • Engage and Train Your Staff
  • Common Gaps and Measuring Compliance
  • Knowledge check
  • Course review and next steps


After taking this learning path, participants are expected to be able to:

  • Identify all high-alert medications (HAM), including look-alike/sound-alike (LASA) medications and concentrated electrolytes used in your facility.
  • Develop a standardized process for managing HAM including, LASA
  • medications, and concentrated electrolytes.
  • Mitigate harm by identifying HAM errors and preventing them.

Target Audience

Any hospital personnel involved in patient safety.


IFC MAS Advisory, Hospital Quality Program.

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- Dec 7, 2022
Really it's great


- Oct 20, 2022
Very interesting course indeed


- Sep 30, 2022
Interesting program


- Sep 20, 2022
Highly informative, and so interesting.


- Aug 31, 2022
A great course. It was very informative.


- Jun 5, 2022
Yes, it's important in any hospital to have a stand order that guide medical staff on medication prescription and how it should be used.


- Aug 29, 2022
Yes it's important

jose luis

- May 29, 2022


- Feb 27, 2022
A useful program

Mohammad Nadir

- Feb 15, 2022
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