Implementing a Hand Hygiene Program to Prevent the Spread of Infectious Disease (Self-Paced)
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Implementing a Hand Hygiene Program to Prevent the Spread of Infectious Disease (Self-Paced)

Hand hygiene within a hospital prevents the spread of infectious diseases, including communicable, respiratory illnesses like COVID-19 and influenza. This course provides the tools to implement a hand hygiene program in a health care facility, including the reasons why a hand hygiene program is important, how to assess and establish the necessary infrastructure and requirements, how to engage staff in compliance, and how to measure performance.

Course Overview

This training course is based on internationally recognized hospital quality requirements, including best industry practices and includes the following topics:

  • Importance of implementing a hand hygiene program
  • Establishing the infrastructure
  • Establishing the requirements
  • Engaging staff
  • Measuring performance


Be able to assess, implement, and monitor a hand hygiene program in a healthcare facility.

Target Audience

Anyone involved in a health care facility, especially those with the responsibility of setting and implementing policy.


Manda Grant, Yana Gorbantenko, Julia Khalimova, Natalia Tulieva, Fatima Javed

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- Sep 7, 2022
Every organisation, especially health facilities and homes should have structure and capacity to improve on hand washing culture. Great program.


- Jul 15, 2022
Prevention is better than cure.


- Jun 5, 2022
Its important in any hospital setting to have personal protective equipment for every staff to prevent themselves and hospital at large.

jose luis

- May 30, 2022


- Apr 29, 2022
great program


- Apr 6, 2022
Very revealing!


- Feb 27, 2022
Useful program

Mohammad Nadir

- Feb 15, 2022

George Alexandru

- Dec 3, 2021


- Nov 22, 2021
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