Implementing a Fall Prevention Program (Self-Paced)
Self-Paced eLearning

Implementing a Fall Prevention Program (Self-Paced)

Falls can be prevented, especially in a hospital setting. This course provides tools to implement a fall prevention program, including infrastructure, assessments and processes, fall reduction tips, and compliance monitoring.

Course Overview

This training course is based on internationally recognized hospital quality requirements, including best industry practices and includes the following topics:

  • Importance of implementing a fall prevention program
  • Establishing the fall safety team
  • Establish infrastructure to prevent falls
  • Establishing the fall prevention culture
  • Promote fall prevention for patients
  • Assessing and reducing patient fall risk
  • Engaging at the interpersonal level
  • Reassessing fall risk
  • Managing and assessing post-fall
  • Monitor fall prevention compliance
  • Monitoring compliance


  • Establish a fall safety team
  • Establish the infrastructure to prevent falls
  • Promote fall prevention for patients, staff, and visitors
  • Monitor fall prevention compliance

Target Audience

Anyone involved in a health care facility, especially those with the responsibility of setting and implementing policy and infrastructure.


Manda Grant, Yana Gorbantenko, Julia Khalimova, Natalia Tulieva, Fatima Javed

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Ibrahim Wambai

- Jun 24, 2022
Hi, Please how can I get the course materials?


- Jun 14, 2022
Very very interesting and would love yo recommend it to my colleagues.


- Jun 11, 2022
i want to download material study if possible

jose luis

- May 29, 2022


- Feb 27, 2022

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- Feb 15, 2022


- Sep 23, 2021
Nice one


- Sep 8, 2021

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- Aug 17, 2021
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