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IFC Education Webinar Series: A View from the TOP - New Perspectives for EdTech

"A discussion on the future of global EdTech markets!"

Leading CEOs in educational technology, or EdTech, discuss current and future trends in this dynamic space.

Disruptions and trends discussed include:

  • Spike in venture capital in EdTech since the pandemic’s onset, rising from $7 billion in 2019 to over $8 billion in the third quarter of 2020 alone.
  • China, India, and the United States the leading investment hubs, with important growth opportunities in Africa and Asia as internet penetration rates increase and mobile technologies become ubiquitous.
  • Major opportunities for EdTech providers in upskilling and reskilling the estimated 400 million workers who will have to change jobs in the coming decade due to automation.
  • Strong growth forecast in the business-to-consumer segment of the EdTech market—coupled with rising expectations from consumers on functionalities of EdTech.
  • New potential for public-private partnerships as governments increases funding for digitizing and upskilling workforces.

About the Presenters

Jeff Maggioncalda

CEO, Coursera

Christina Sass

Co-founder & Chair, Advisory Council Network, Andela

Parul Gupta

Co-founder & President, Springboard

Diego Olcese Diaz

CEO and Founder, Crehana

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