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IFC Education Webinar Series: Reskilling and Upskilling in the New Economy

"Lifelong learning is the new normal, the need to constantly reskill and upskill is of paramount importance in today’s education discussions."

In a world where lifelong learning is the new normal, the need to constantly reskill and upskill is of paramount importance in today’s education discussions. Ensuring flexible pathways between general and technical education tracks is imperative with employers placing increased value on the combination of general and technical skills. Jobs once labeled ‘technical’ increasingly require more general skills, necessitating such skills acquisition to be accessible before and during work life. Those who have been trained in narrow vocational skills need viable options for an unpredictable future labor market. One way to do this is to have bridging arrangements that let learners seamlessly progress through increased horizontal and vertical integration across education levels.

Meanwhile, there is growing recognition that skills acquisition takes place not only in formal education but also on-the-job—and that these skills need to be recognized and leveraged by adults as they progress in their careers. 

Greater flexibility is needed within course formats too. Demand for lifelong learning requires the working population to top up existing skills with just-in-time qualifications. Flexible delivery models need to be developed that allow individuals to access education while working, including sharper, self-directed, and practical training, with a greater mix of degrees and shorter courses. It is possible to imagine future education systems that provide ‘stackable credentials’ in which qualifications can be combined in flexible and customizable ways. 

Three global education leaders from Latin America, Asia, and Africa immersed in the space share insights on a topic that is impacting many emerging market tertiary education institutions.

About the Presenters

Sheela Ram

Vice Chancellor, Botho University, Botswana

Janyo Diniz

President, Ser Educational, Brazil

Aditya Malik

CEO & MD, Talentedge, India

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