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IFC Education Webinar Series - The Future of Universities in a New Global Context

"A discussion on trends such as micro-credentialing, the use of big data and analytics, digitalization, preparing students for the Future of Work and more..."

This webinar brings together global thought leaders in the field of post-secondary education to discuss new trends that are shaping the future of universities. These trends include micro-credentialing, the use of big data and analytics, an emphasis on digitalization, a greater focus on general competencies to prepare students for the Future of Work, strengthened links to the “last mile” and employability, and the unbundling of the post-secondary education value-chain, among many other topics. Speakers will also present new models that might be redefining the future role of universities in a changing context such as Nano degrees, Bootcamps, and Online Program Management providers (OPMs) as well as share their perspectives on new university priorities such as technology-enabled marketing and enrollment management to support admissions.

This webinar presents cutting edge practices from leading higher education markets such as the US and is a must-watch for global education leaders willing to take their organizations to new levels through innovation and greater use of technology.

About the Presenters

David Garza

President, Tec de Monterrey

Jeff Selingo

New York Times Best Selling Author in Higher Education

Yasmine Benamour

President, LCI Education Africa

Sean Gallagher

Director of the Center for the Future of Higher Education and Talent Strategy, Northeastern University

Dewayne Matthews

Senior Advisor, Lumina Foundation

Alejandro Caballero

Principal Education Specialist, IFC

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