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IFC Education Webinar Series: Early Childhood Education - Invest Early, Returns for Life

"Featuring innovative entrepreneurs in childcare operating in diverse regions"

This IFC Education Webinar Series features innovative entrepreneurs in childcare operating in diverse regions. Since the 1970s, a robust body of knowledge has been built upon this topic, all of which unequivocally affirms the positive benefits for children in receiving early childhood education. The data also shows that the benefit is felt most strongly among children from lower-income backgrounds.

Moreover, because women are more likely than men to bear childcare responsibilities, having access to professional childcare also encourages higher female participation in paid employment and all the economic empowerment that it brings. Presently, women’s participation in the workplace lags men’s participation by 27 percentage points, according to the International Labor Organization. However, access to early childhood education remains very inadequate, especially in emerging markets. About half of children aged 3-6 years have no access at all and the gap is more acute for children 0-3 years. Where access exists, the quality of education all too often is uneven.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has presented major challenges to the industry, it has also highlighted the resiliency of certain operating models amid rising unemployment and work-from-home measures. These models highlight the importance of government regulation and of such measures as the first 1,000 days of life mandates, employer-supported childcare, digitalization of content, and community support for employees, among many other topics. 

Our speakers present solutions in a changing context of social distancing, confinements, home-based learning, ‘pod’ gatherings, and technology-enabled e-learning’ solutions. This webinar presents cutting-edge practices from leading early childhood education markets, such as France, and is a must-attend event for global education leaders willing to take their organizations to new levels with employer-supported childcare.

About the Presenters

Elanna Yallow

Chief Academic Officer, Kinder Care

Luis Garza Sada

Co-Founder & Chairman, Advenio

Xavier Ouvrard

CEO, Babilou

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- Nov 17, 2022
interesting discussion


- Jul 27, 2022

Zakayo Ekadeli

- Jul 14, 2021
The corona pandemic has paralysed the early childhood sector as many children are continuing with the normal way of operation_Daily learning.


- May 14, 2021

Ewoi Ekadeli

- Apr 14, 2021
Ewoi Ekadeli Zakayo The corona pandemic has really the ways of operations and conduct of all people and in particular children in early childhood.

Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- Apr 3, 2021
Great discussion


- Mar 14, 2021
Relevant and informative.

Zakayo Ekadeli

- Mar 13, 2021
Corona has really disrupted the children in the early years and also their care takers as far as the support is concerned.


- Mar 13, 2021

Mohammad Nadir

- Mar 10, 2021
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