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Identifying/Screening Projects for PPP Implementation: Afghanistan

Afghanistan, like many developing countries, has been seeking ways to develop and improve infrastructure within the framework of limited fiscal capabilities. In recent years, the World Bank Group has been working with the Government of Afghanistan on increasing private participation in infrastructure. Public-private partnerships are increasingly seen as a means to harness private innovation and finance while the government maintains ultimate ownership and insurance of the public interest. Although procuring infrastructure projects through PPP methods may be more efficient and provide greater value for money, the pre-tender project development costs tend to be higher than those associated with traditional procurement. In an effort to reduce waste in resources, it is important to have an effective methodology and tools to aid in identifying and screening potential PPP projects before resources are utilized in a full feasibility analysis. In 2015, the World Bank Group assisted the Government of Afghanistan in legal and regulatory reform to foster the growth of PPP. One of the products of this effort was the development of the PPP Suitability and Prioritization tool. This tool seeks to streamline the PPP process and ensure that resources are only used for proposals with a greater chance of viability.

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Andrew R. Jones

Andy is an infrastructure specialist, advising governments across Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia on PPP and infrastructure issues for the World Bank Group. He is leading the implementation of a legal/institutional reform program for Afghanistan to facilitate private investment in infrastructure, is working on a PPP Country Readiness Diagnostic for Lebanon and Rwanda, and supported the concept development and operationalization of Jordan’s PPP Unit. As an IFC Transaction Advisor, Andy prepared a management contract to improve the financial/operational performance of the Afghan national power utility, Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat; designed a countrywide bus supply/operations contract for the Palestinian transport ministry; and advised the Punjab and Sindh provincial governments on improving the availability/quality of grain storage facilities. He was a Program Leader for PPIAF for MENA/SSA, and a Project Manager for the Center for Strategic and International Studies’ Middle East Program. Andy has an MS in Global Governance and Diplomacy from the University of Oxford, St. Cross College, and a BA and MA in International Relations from the University of St. Andrews.

Anand Kumar Srivastava

Anand has procurement, 360° PPP, project financing, and contract management expertise in the infrastructure and social sectors, with leadership and team roles. Anand has worked with PPP bid process management, project development, and transaction and procurement advisory at IL&FS Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd.; as Senior Manager, leading United Kingdom–based multinational management consultants at PA Consulting Group; as Deputy Chief of Party and Principal Consultant in other leading Indian consulting/infrastructure project financing organizations; and as President of an Indian PPP developer company, before joining the World Bank Group in New Delhi nine years ago. Anand is passionate about procurement, PPP, and capacity building in Afghanistan. He has participated as moderator, panellist, procurement and PPP subject expert, speaker, organizer/coordinator, and rapporteur in several international, regional, and national events. Anand has an MBA degree, a Master of Engineering degree in Civil (Environmental) Engineering, and a Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering with distinction.

Rob Richards

Rob is a PPP and Infrastructure Consultant for the World Bank Group PPP CCSA. Currently he is collaborating on the development of a PPP screening tool to facilitate governments in better identifying potential PPP projects. In this regard, Rob has reviewed more than 20 PPP unit identification and screening tools and methodologies. He is leading a webinar series on the same subject matter. Rob also works with PPIAF on database improvement/management, and has worked on the PPP CCSA comments team, PPI Database, and an internal PPP tagging exercise. Rob has a BA in Political Science and History from the University of Florida, and an MS in Applied Economics from Johns Hopkins University.

Target Audience

World Bank Group staff; consultants; policy makers in client countries

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Identifying/Screening Projects for PPP Implementation in Afghanistan

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