#ID4D Knowledge Series: Learn + Share + Connect

3 Part Series

#ID4D Knowledge Series: Learn + Share + Connect

"On-demand learning on how to build inclusive and trusted ID and civil registration systems."

The ID4D Initiative offers a rich set of tools and analytical reports including good practice guides, case studies, and analysis of qualitative and quantitative research focusing on how countries can build inclusive and trusted digital ID and civil registration systems.

These sources of knowledge and good practice on ID allows for the quick infusion of emerging lessons and standards into the country and regional action. Topics include analyses on verification fees, data protection, and mass enrollment to help enable policymakers and countries to better understand the complexities of ID systems and issues that are critical to the reduction of costs and risks. Case studies are also available including ID systems in Argentina and thematic studies on gender and legal barriers which provide real-world examples and guidance on how countries can leverage their ID systems for maximum development impact across multiple sectors.

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jose luis

- May 30, 2022

Mahaman Mourtala

- Nov 19, 2021

Jes�s Manuel

- Aug 11, 2021
Great series


- Jul 31, 2021


- Dec 19, 2020
nice course


- Aug 17, 2020


- Aug 15, 2020
It will be safer if the digital ID and civil registration systems is built on block chain.


- Aug 13, 2020
Great topic

Raymund Vincent

- Aug 7, 2020
Great discussion

Raymund Vincent

- Aug 7, 2020
Great series

Raymund Vincent

- Aug 7, 2020
Nice topic
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