ICT platform in the DRC "Allo, Ecole!"

This podcast series will explore the challenges, achievements and lessons of the voice-activated (IVR) accountability platform “Allô, Ecole!”, which is being used to enhance governance in the education sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) by collecting and sharing data quickly and easily with a variety of stakeholder groups. It utilizes mobile phones in a simple manner to involve pa... view more


Director Wahema reflects on the remit of Allô École and some of the challenges around adoption of this innovative digital solution by end users (This podcast is delivered in French).


Prof. Valère Munsya Molomb discusses how the Allô École pilot ties to the ongoing reform process in the DRC’s education sector. (This podcast is delivered in French).


Levi Goertz describes VOTO Mobile’s engagement in the Allô École project and what makes the developed social accountability platform so special.


Maria Amelina contemplates in which ways the Allô École pilot has been special for her as the Task Team Leader, for beneficiaries, and the wider development community


Ornella Nsoki, a Local Manager of the Allô École project, shares her takeaways on the development of accountability in primary education in the DRC and the involvement of the local population into this process

About the Presenters

Maria Amelina

Senior Governance Specialist, Governance GP

Maria Amelina currently works on countries in Central and Eastern Africa concentrating on sector governance particularly in fragile settings. Her focus is on the analytical and operational aspects of the use of ICTs for enhanced transparency and accountability of service delivery.

Levi Goertz

Chief Operating Officer, VOTO Mobile

Levi oversees the implementation of all VOTO's projects including those on data collection, behaviour change communication and citizen participation. VOTO Mobile is a fast growing social enterprise with offices in Canada, India, Kenya, Senegal, Ghana the US, and Zimbabwe specializing in interactive voice calls (IVR) and SMS in local languages, instantly reaching across distance and literacy barriers.

Prof. Valère Munsya Molomb

Focal Point at the Permanent Secretarial Department of Support and Coordination of the Education Sector (SPACE), DRC.

Prof. Munsya Molomb has been an adviser to the Project, particularly focusing on the integration into the Platform of civil service performance measurements.

Ornella Nsoki

Education Consultant and ICT for Accountability in Education Technical Assistance Coordinator, Governance GP

Other than being a core member to the project, Ornella Nsoki is also a Founder and Executive Director of NZOLANI NGO, a non-profit organisation that aims to empower underprivileged youth, women and children through providing quality education. For her achievements Ornella won a Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leadership, thus becoming a YALI Fellow.

Yannick Nono Wahema

Director of Communication Management Service, Ministry of Primary, Secondary, and Professional Education of the DRC.

Director Wahema is a lead government counterpart on the Project focusing on the technical, operational, and change management aspects.

Alexis Yoka

Director of Educational Provinces and Coordinator of the Accountability Platform, Ministry of Primary, Secondary, and Professional Education of the DRC.

Director Yoka has embraced the accountability platform and is coordinating its institutional-level activities.