ICT-based Responses to COVID-19 of Korea

5 Part Series

ICT-based Responses to COVID-19 of Korea

The series titled “ICT-based Responses to COVID-19 of Korea” is developed in order to share experiences of how the Korean Government responds to infectious diseases such as COVID-19 by utilizing digital government and ICT. The materials are organized into four modules. Module 1 focuses on the Korea’s governance for disaster risk management, healthcare system and policy, and national infectious disease management policy, which form the basis of Korea’s response to COVID-19. Module 2 focuses on digital government system for COVID-19 TEST (Special entry control system) established by the government for travelers in order to effectively prevent the spread of the infectious disease. Module 3 explains the digital government system and ICT services for COVID-19 Quarantine and Tracing of Korea, encompassing a series of efforts including prompt epidemiological investigation, contact tracing system etc. Module 4 presents digital government system and ICT services for COVID-19 Treatment of Korea, which covers background and objective of treatment system. Experience of the Korean government can be of great help to the international community in overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Mahaman Mourtala

- Oct 17, 2021
Interesting series!


- Aug 19, 2021


- Jul 18, 2021
Interesting series.


- Jun 13, 2021

Lynn Ioana

- Apr 6, 2021
digital transformational learning...

Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- Apr 3, 2021
ICT-Always an interesting topic


- Mar 13, 2021

Mohammad Nadir

- Mar 10, 2021
Excellent series!


- Mar 7, 2021
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