IBRD Flexible Loan (IFL)
Self-Paced eLearning

IBRD Flexible Loan (IFL)

Curious about how World Bank products can help finance your (client's) projects? This self-paced Introduction to World Bank Financial Products course familiarizes operational staff about WB financial products such as loans, credits, guarantees, financial and commodity risk management products, contingent credit lines, and insurance/reinsurance for disasters to help clients find the most suitable financing sources and financial terms for projects.
Two consecutive modules, overview and exercise, will help task team leaders with loan negotiations and improve operational staff’s ability to engage with borrowers on financial solutions.

Advance Notice:
As of April 1, 2021, in preparation for the global markets' transition away from the London Interbank Offer Rate (LIBOR), World Bank suspends the offering of the Fixed-Spread terms and the conversion feature to convert the variable spread to a fixed-spread for new and existing variable-spread loans. All interest rates and currency conversions as part of the standard conversion options under the IBRD Flexible Loan (IFL) that involve IBRD’s projected funding cost are also suspended.

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jose luis

- May 31, 2022
muy bueno

Mahaman Mourtala

- Oct 12, 2021
Interesting course!


- Aug 3, 2021


- Dec 19, 2020
nice topics


- Dec 7, 2020
Nice Course


- Jun 19, 2020
An excellent course to learn about IFL's. Thank you.


- Jun 2, 2020
IBRD Flexible Loan (IFL) is an excellent course for professionals who want to know different characteristics associated with the loans sanctioned by IBRD. It also delves into risk management techniques. Thoroughly enjoyed this amazing course.


- May 7, 2020
Thank you for offering this course as part of the package of WB financial products. Really clear and easy to follow!


- Apr 21, 2020


- Mar 22, 2020
One of three courses highlights different WB financial products. Great elaboration.
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