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"Human capital a key driver of economic growth, ending extreme poverty and creating more inclusive societies."

Investing in people is our collective duty. Hear some of the world’s leading voices on human capital share their views on why investments in nutrition, quality health care, education, jobs and skills are critical.

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- Apr 24, 2019


- Mar 31, 2019
Human is the central gear for life on plant


- Mar 26, 2019
Sangat menarik

Vedat Bobby

- Mar 25, 2019
n Nevada, for example, prospective homeowners can qualify for a grant of up to 5% of their mortgage to put toward a down payment and closing costs. District of Columbia residents can qualify for a down payment assistance loan of up to 3.5% of their mortgage. The loan needs to be repaid only if you sell, refinance or vacate the property within the first five years. Help isn’t reserved for low-income borrowers. Nevada’s grant program is available to those with an annual income below $98,500. The D.C. program caps income eligibility at just over $132,000


- Mar 16, 2019
Sangat Menarik
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