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Hubs, Labs and Co-working Spaces - New Innovation Intermediaries for Smart Cities

Tech hubs are public spaces for innovation, generally with a strong interdisciplinary atmosphere and a mixture between offering a stimulating place for professional work activities, promoting the emergence of new and innovative businesses, and exploring innovative societal organizations for work itself. Common features include: the symbolic value of the physical space, openness to the participation of any interested party, and the promotion of new businesses and/or business partnerships. Innovation hubs are a powerful tool for promoting citizen engagement and entrepreneurial creativity in a way that offers strong visibility as part of the urban fabric, allowing a city to position itself as ‘open to innovation’ but also officials to learn and to connect with citizens. This webinar is addressing the following issues: Examples of how to bring innovation to city governments and engage city stakeholders in solving city problems through labs Key conditions to achieve results Roles of government, CSOs, the media and citizens How to create and operate labs? This webinar is created in partnership with GTIDR and GSURR.

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Jessica Colaço

Frédéric Oru

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Hubs, Labs and Co-working Spaces - New Innovation Intermediaries for Smart Cities

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