How to identify gender-based violence risks within projects?

"A New Good Practice Note developed to help World Bank staff and partners identify gender-based violence risks within projects."

More than 35% of women worldwide have experienced physical or sexual violence (partner and non-partner). That is 818 million women - almost the total population of sub-Saharan Africa and almost three times the population of the United States. This video focuses on the significant economic and social costs of violence against women.

World Bank Group Senior Director for Gender, Caren Grown, and Director for Social Development, Maninder Gill, discuss with Ede Ijjasz-Vasquez, Senior Director for Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience, a new Good Practice Note created to help World Bank staff and partners identify gender-based violence risks – particularly sexual exploitation and abuse, and sexual harassment – in projects with major civil works contracts. This note helps project teams to assess the risks of gender-based violence, address these risks through mitigation and monitoring, and respond to any identified gender-based violence incidents.

This adds to other World Bank resources, including the Violence Against Women And Girls Resource Guide, which offers guidance for development projects along with strategies for policies and legislation.

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- Jul 28, 2022


- May 11, 2022
Watching this video a year later and its contents are very much relevant today. I look forward to more engagement this year with examples of projects and how they are addressing GBV.

Mahaman Mourtala

- Aug 5, 2021
Very interesting!


- Jul 29, 2021

jose luis

- Jul 13, 2021
muy bueno

Amina Muhammad

- Jun 3, 2021
Dear colleagues, pls how do I go further with this topic for I could not access any of the materials. Pls assist.

Amina Muhammad

- May 10, 2021
A serious issue of concern.


- Jan 20, 2021
Great course! informative and knowledgeable documents.


- Oct 20, 2020
interesting discussion


- Jan 24, 2020
Relevant issue
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