The Hidden Side of Energy Access: Understanding Clean Cooking (Virtual Knowledge Exchange)
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The Hidden Side of Energy Access: Understanding Clean Cooking (Virtual Knowledge Exchange)

Access to clean cooking solutions, including modern stoves and cooking fuels, is often overlooked as part of the wider energy access agenda. This is surprising, given that four billion people – over half the world’s population – lack access to modern energy cooking service, also known as MECS, for their daily cooking practices. This means that families around the world continue to rely on fuels like woodfuel or charcoal and rudimentary stoves, leading to devastating health, climate, environmental and gender impacts that cost the world an estimated 2.4 trillion dollars each year. While the imperatives are clear, attention and focus on clean cooking have not been commensurate. To address this gap, the World Bank’s Open Learning Campus (OLC) and the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP) are partnering in a virtual Knowledge Exchange (KE) that builds on the recently launched, first-of-its-kind self-paced e-learning course titled The Hidden Side of Energy Access: Understandin

Target Audience

The target audience includes: ● Staff working on energy, health, environment, climate, and gender aspects across the World Bank Group who are interested in improving their understanding of clean cooking and modern energy cooking services. ● Client government agencies and project units working on energy, health, environment, climate, and gender aspects who are seeking to learn more about clean cooking and the wider energy access agenda. ● Other stakeholders, including individuals working in research and academia, potential investors, and development partners working on clean cooking or related sectors. ● University or master’s level students studying global development, energy, environmental policy, public health, or related fields. Efforts will be made to reach a global audience leveraging the OLC, ESMAP, and MECS networks and relevant World Bank practice areas. Sessions will also be recorded and made available through the OLC platform for later access.

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Georges Ambouor

- Oct 9, 2021
This event was for me a moment of learning but also of sharing knowledge about clean cooking. I am very happy to share these good moments with all the speakers as well as the participants. Thanks everyone.

Nkechi Cyntha

- Oct 1, 2021
clean cook


- Oct 1, 2021
I was realy a very opportune time to know and reinforce some concepts about cookers and i can say in the end it was very beneficial as the knowledge required was above my expectations.


- Oct 1, 2021
It was a great time to share knowledge on the concepts of modern clean cook-stoves. I don't regret participating in this webinar series.


- Sep 30, 2021
Hey. Yvonne Mathenge from Kenya. I really enjoyed this course. Cant believe I didn't know about MTFS until this course despite being in the environment field. I also got excited about the different ways to finance more so crowd funding....exciting. Can't wait to read further and keep up to speed with what is happening in my country and globally as well as effect what i have learnt in my home county of Nyeri.


- Sep 28, 2021
Hey everyone, I am Himma Bakam from Nigeria. I am excited to be part of this course.

Mamadou Seydou

- Sep 27, 2021
Hello I am Mamadou Seydou BA from Senegal. I really want to seize the opportunity of this course to enhance my knowledge and skills in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency


- Sep 25, 2021
Edward Nyameri,glad to be here

Marie Claire

- Sep 18, 2021
Hello, My name is Claire. I am delighted to have gotten this opportunity to increase my knowledge about the access to clean cooking technologies.


- Sep 14, 2021
Hello My Name is Sultan from Ethiopia, the last two session was very interesting and hope the remains will be too.
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