The Hidden Side of Energy Access: Understanding Clean Cooking (Facilitated)
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Jul 12, 2021 12:00 AM - Aug 07, 2021 12:00 AM EDT | Virtual

The Hidden Side of Energy Access: Understanding Clean Cooking (Facilitated)

This course explores the hidden side of energy access by uncovering the reality that over 4 billion people around the world currently lack access to modern energy cooking services (MECS) for their daily cooking needs. Throughout the developing world, households still cook with firewood and charcoal on rudimentary stoves in poorly ventilated rooms, resulting in significant negative impacts for health, gender, the environment, and our climate. Stagnating progress on this development agenda costs the world an estimated 2.4 trillion USD per year. In this four-part learning series, you will familiarize yourself with core concepts in the clean cooking sector, uncover the nuanced and contextual nature of accessing modern cooking solutions, learn about innovative financing approaches, and discover recommendations for actors seeking to make clean cooking a reality for households across the world.

Target Audience

This course offers participants an opportunity to learn about the clean cooking sector in an innovative and comprehensive way, providing a foundational introduction to a field that is nuanced, multisectoral, and often overlooked. In this regard, the course is intended for donors, investors, development practitioners, and entrepreneurs, aiming to conduct a deep dive on MECS to help prepare a way forward together with the World Bank. The course is also an opportunity for a broader audience of individuals, including university students, who are interested in the field of clean cooking. Finally, this course can serve as an interactive addendum to the World Bank’s publication on The State of Access to Modern Energy Cooking Services (September 2020).

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- Jun 21, 2021
Where is the content? I can't for the life of me find anything other than this page. Do we at least get a note of some kind saying we're registered sometime before July 12?

jose luis

- Jun 13, 2021
cocina y las ollas comunales en el Perú


- Jun 9, 2021
Patiently waiting to be part of this novel discourse


- Jun 9, 2021
Looking forward to this course


- Jun 8, 2021
Interesting, looking forward to this course.


- Jun 1, 2021
I can’t wait to know what this hidden side of energy access is all about.

Mohammed Aminu

- May 25, 2021
This is great opportunity to share our experience, learn from other context and experts to improve our leadership of the clean cooking industry in Ghana. I work for the Ghana Alliance for Clean Cookstoves and Fuels (GHACCO).


- May 24, 2021
Interesting and timely topic.

Benedict Clive Zeus

- May 24, 2021
I work with Joint Energy and Environment Projects (JEEP) a local NGO in Uganda as the Energy and Environment officer. To me this is a great topic and I am very much eager to learn more about clean cooking for we deal in construction and training in usage of energy saving technologies.


- May 24, 2021
This is very interesting especially in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa where everyone depends on biomass for cooking with no proper cooking technology
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