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HCP Global Forum & Africa Day

HCP Global Forum – Investing in People and Building Resilience for Recovery - March 1-2, 2021 

Investing in people and building resilience for recovery is of paramount importance since the COVID-19 pandemic has compromised in 10 months the gains made in human capital over the last 10 years. This first Human Capital Project (HCP) Global Forum brought together governmental Focal Points from 80 HCP countries, along with senior ministers, development partners, and experts from the private sector and civil society. Together, they learned from one another, drove an agenda for change, shared expertise and innovations in service delivery, and showcased successful cross-sectoral approaches in human capital investments around the world.  

Opening Session


Reimagining Service Delivery


Deep Dive Indonesia


Reflections from Participants


Closing Remarks


Africa HCP Day – Why Investing in Women & Girls Matters Now More Than Ever - March 3, 2021 

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Response to the COVID-19 crisis must be centered on continued and sustained investments in women and girls who are the drivers of social and economic recovery. This open public event focused on Africa will highlight direct testimonies from voices with first-hand experience and expertise on why protecting and advancing women and girls’ social and economic empowerment in the immediate and long-term matters now more than ever. 

Target Audience

Policy makers, experts, World Bank, civil society, partners, focal points

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Very interesting event.


- May 14, 2021

Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- Apr 3, 2021
HCP Global Forum – Investing in People and Building Resilience for Recovery - March 1-2, 2021


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Mohammad Nadir

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