Guide to Communicating Carbon Pricing

Designing and implementing carbon pricing can prove challenging – both technically and politically. A strategic communication plan for building support and managing risk – within the government, among businesses and with the general public – can be critical to... view more

About the Presenters

Daniel Besley

Daniel Besley is Senior Climate Change Specialist with the Carbon Markets and Innovation Unit at the World Bank. He has worked for the last ten years on designing and implementing carbon pricing systems. He also has a decade of experience in international development and in corporate strategy in the finance sector.

George Marshall

George Marshall is a leading specialist in communications and founder of Climate Outreach, a UK based consultancy with an international reputation for researching and designing communications for harder-to-reach audiences. His current projects include the preparation of a guide for the World Bank and partner governments on the public communication of carbon pricing and a large qualitative research programme with 40 organizations in Alberta, Canada to identify and test new language around energy and climate change.

Darragh Conway

Darragh Conway is Lead Legal Counsel at Climate Focus with experience covering a broad array of legal and policy issues relevant to climate mitigation. Darragh is a leading expert on carbon pricing, having governments such as Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico and Sri Lanka on the development and regulation of carbon prices. He is the lead author of the PMR Carbon Tax Guide, co-author of the Guide to Communicating Carbon Pricing and lead technical expert for a forthcoming e-learning course on carbon taxes. His other areas of work include advising on forest and land-use governance and the implementation of forest carbon programs.Darragh holds a Bachelor of Laws from University College Dublin and a Master of Laws in International Law from the University of Edinburgh and is a member of the New York Bar. Darragh is a native speaker of English and is fluent in written and spoken Spanish.

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