Grameen Bank Founder Has Tips for Entrepreneurs

In the world of microfinance, Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus is a rock star. He was the founder of the Grameen Bank that provides small, low-cost loans to people seeking to pull themselves out of poverty. Join the World Bank Group's Pabsy Pabalan and get his insight into what it takes to succeed. #PabsyLive. THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS WERE ANSWERED AND DISCUSSED: 00:19 What gave you the idea to start Grameen Bank? 02:02: So you mentioned that you approached banks. What did they tell you? I mean what reason did they give that they don't lend money to the poor? 02:35 Let's imagine that I was one of Grameen Bank's clients and I have a loan. What mindset do I need for myself to succeed? 03:41 You talked about young people being job creators instead of being job seekers. I grew up thinking that's easier said than done and I am sure I am not the only one. What can we do to change this kind of thinking? WATCH THE FULL REPLAY OF THE WORLD BANK LIVE EVENT: A Conversation with Muhammad Yunus: Social Business and Microfinance for the End of Poverty httppublic://

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SMEs are the fuel for the economy
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