GovTech: Fundamentals and Key Concepts
Self-Paced eLearning

GovTech: Fundamentals and Key Concepts

The “GovTech: Fundamentals and Key Concepts” e-Learning course (GovTech 101) introduces the GovTech concepts, focus areas, solutions, and good practices to support digital transformation reforms of governments around the world. The GovTech 101 self-paced course consists of four modules: • The first module, “GovTech: The Latest Generation in Public Sector Reforms,” presents the definition of GovTech, the evolution of digital government, and GovTech approaches, and introduces the GovTech Global Partnership. • The second module, “GovTech Focal Areas: How They Work in Practice,” explains the four GovTech focal areas in detail. • The third module, “GovTech Maturity Index,” (GTMI) presents the objective, methodology, findings, and conclusions of the GTMI that measures the maturity of four GovTech focus areas. • Finally, the fourth module, “GovTech Solutions for Practitioners,” describes different types of digital government investments, gives examples from GovTech solutions in the four focal areas, and describes GovTech challenges and opportunities.

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- Jul 23, 2022
I would be very grate full to this course, because I want to train my Friends working on financial management at Puntland state of Somalia.


- May 15, 2022
I liked the course, valuable, every President, Governor, Major, and Secretaries should be trained in course like that.


- Nov 27, 2021
GovTech => Technology for the public To put it simply, GovTech is about applying emerging technologies (such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, advanced sensing, advanced data processing, etc) for the welfare of public.

jose luis

- Nov 4, 2021
muy bueno


- Nov 3, 2021
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