GHG Protocol Policy and Action Standard

GHG Protocol Policy and Action Standard

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The course is based on the GHG Protocol Policy and Action Standard. It has been designed to help users estimate the GHG impact of policies and actions to inform policy design, improve policy effectiveness in reducing emissions, meet domestic or international emissions reporting objectives, and ensure that efforts to reduce emissions are achieving their intended results.

After completing the course, users will be able to:

  • Understand key concepts and terminology used in the Policy and Action Standard
  • Clearly define a policy or action, decide whether to assess an individual policy or a package of related policies, and choose whether to carry out an ex-ante or ex-post assessment
  • Identify all potential GHG effects of the policy or action
  • Define the GHG assessment boundary, i.e., determine which potential GHG effects are significant enough to estimate
  • Estimate emissions under the baseline scenario, i.e., in the absence of the policy or action
  • Estimate the greenhouse gas effects of the policy or action, either ex-ante (forward looking) or ex-post (backward looking)
  • Define key performance indicators and monitor the performance of a policy or action over time
  • Evaluate sources of uncertainty in a GHG assessment
  • Understand the benefits, key concepts, and types of verification that can be pursued
  • Know the information that must be reported (related to the results of the assessment and methodology followed) in order for an assessment to be in conformance with the standard

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Excellent course


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Very good course


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Interesting course


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Course content is vital for inclusion in local government operations


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Greet topic!

Jesús Manuel

Submitted 10:58 am, March 20, 2017

great info,liked and shared!

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