GHG ACCOUNTING 101 (Self-paced)
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GHG ACCOUNTING 101 (Self-paced)

Greenhouse Gas emissions accounting for investment lending is a corporate mandate of the World Bank following the WBG Environment Strategy. Accounting for GHG emissions allows the World Bank and its clients to estimate the impact of projects on GHG emissions early in the project cycle. This knowledge can help task teams and client countries mainstream climate change mitigation action in the project design, and thus is a key step in managing and reducing GHG emissions in a cost-effective manner. By undertaking GHG accounting collaboratively with the World Bank, the client countries are also better positioned in emerging climate frameworks, where GHG accounting is an essential information. The World Bank has initiated GHG accounting in the forestry, energy, agriculture, transport, water and urban sectors starting July 2013. This e-learning course is based on the 2012 Greenhouse Gas Analysis report of the World Bank and is designed to assist WB staff understand key concepts involved in GHG accounting. The course will be the foundation on which WB staff can build and move to their own sector GHG accounting courses.

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- Oct 22, 2021
Unable to gain access to learning module. Registration and login completed. Help!!


- Sep 3, 2021
I'm unable to enroll in the GHG Accounting 101 course. It just keeps turning and turning. What do I do??

Mahaman Mourtala

- Aug 3, 2021


- Jul 29, 2021
Same here. keeps asking me to register over and over again, and no help is given


- Jul 28, 2021
Hi, i'm trying to enrol to this course, i'm already registered and logged in, but when i push the "enrol now" button the site opens another window asking to register again and a gain and again... no way to contact technical assistance. Some idea about it?


- May 21, 2021


- May 10, 2021
I have just completed the first module of the course and passed the self-assessment quiz. but i cannot continue to course evaluate. it said that the check list has been locked by me. how to unlock this so i can continue to second module?


- Jun 9, 2021
Hi Ananta, Even I am facing the similar problem.


- Apr 20, 2021
Nice course. Automatic generation of the certificate after successful completion of the course would be much appreciated


- Dec 13, 2020
Insightful discussion on GHG accounting principals
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