Gender Equality in Transportation (Self-Paced)

Gender Equality in Transportation (Self-Paced)

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The course was jointly prepared by the World Bank’s Transport Global Practice and Open Learning Campus and the UN Women´s Training Centre and the Safe Cities and Safe Public Spaces Global Initiative. It provides an understanding of the often-invisible gender aspects surrounding mobility in the transport sector that make the sector “gender-blind,” and therefore unable to consider the mobility needs of its diverse range of users and specifically, women and girls. It also looks at difficulties women face in getting jobs and climbing the career ladder in the transport sector—a sector dominated by a male workforce. As a result, the planning, design, and operations of transport infrastructure and service often do not reflect women’s voices and needs as users of transport. Importantly, the course shares concrete solutions designed to support the shift towards greater gender equality in the sector. At the end of the course, users will be able to: (i) better understand the transport sector through the eyes of a wide range of its users, with a focus on women and girls. This knowledge will help them make more effective decisions in their role as a transport planner, designer, policy maker, or an activist advocating for change, and (i) expand their understanding about how to engage more women in the transport sector.

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- Jul 4, 2020
Nice one


- Jul 3, 2020
I am definitely looking forward to this course


- Jun 29, 2020
Very interesting course.

Mohammad Nadir

- Jun 28, 2020


- Jun 27, 2020
Wow, great one
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